7/01/97 ClassicCmp FAQ - Part 1

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Mon Jan 7 20:04:07 2002

ROTFL. I love it, even if it was costly.


> On Sun, 6 Jan 2002, Lawrence Walker wrote:
> > Thus sprang forth the Spaminator! The Spaminator is something I threw
> > together in about 10 minutes. What the Spaminator does is call the
> > offendor's number, wait for the voicemail to answer, dial a digit to cut
> > thru the outgoing message, then it starts singing simple tunes by
> > playing "spam" in different notes. I recorded a "spam" scale with my
> > own voice. Basically I sang "spam" starting from A and going to G.
> >
> > I created 10 different song files, with simple tunes such as "Mary Had a
> > Little Spam", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Spam", "Happy Spamday", "We Shall
> > Overcome (the spam)", "Jingle Spam", "Popeye the Sailor Spam", and a few
> > others. The Spaminator randomly selects three spam tunes to play for
> > each call. It plays the tunes, then hangs up and calls right back up
> > again. The Spaminator is currently running, filling up the spammers
> > voicemail box with spam tunes. Hopefully, it will fill up the voicemail
> > box and they won't be able to receive any other messages. Also, it will
> > bring them much anguish as they constantly try to delete these messages
> > that don't stop coming.
> I can't remember if I followed up with a status report, but if I remember
> correctly, I forgot The Spaminator was running and let it go for a good 6
> hours (costing my company close to maybe $200 in phone charges) until I
> checked in on it. When I did, the offender's mailbox was full. A couple
> days later when I called the number up, it was disconnected.
> Coincidence? You be the judge.
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