"Locking Connector Kits" for LocalTalk

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Mon Jan 7 18:57:16 2002

>Today, I received my neat-o thing for the week, an ISA card for LocalTalk,
>the software, and an Apple LocalTalk Locking Connector Kit for DB-9 (don't
>beat on me for calling DB-9, that's what the package sez, 'k? :-).
>Elation rapidly turned to consternation when I realised the connector box
>doesn't take the PhoneNET wiring, of which I have scads, but rather the
>annoying Apple four-conductor locking-style cables.
>Anyone out there have some converter box that will allow me to plug my
>existing PhoneNET wiring into this? I'd like to get the PC speaking LocalTalk

You just need an early (mac plus era) Phonenet adapter to replace the
LocalTalk adapter. Remind me next time I am going to see you and I will
have one.
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