VAX 11/780s - Masscomp - Valid equipment available

From: Jon Auringer <>
Date: Tue Jan 8 07:39:25 2002

Jon Auringer wrote:
> Hello all,
> Along with the Astronautics ZS-1 machines I posted about earlier, we
> have some other equipment available. I have someone interested in one of
> the 11/780 machines and possible others. As with the ZS-1 machines, the
> time frame isn't very long. Again, we are closing this facility and the
> equipment will be scrapped if not rescued.

I forgot to mention that we have rack upon rack of open reel tapes that
are bound for the dumpster if not picked up.

Jon Auringer
Received on Tue Jan 08 2002 - 07:39:25 GMT

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