VAX 11/780s - Masscomp - Valid equipment available

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Date: Tue Jan 8 10:53:58 2002

Hi Pat,
> From: Pat Finnegan <>
> How big is your smalled 9track tape drive, where are your located, and
> would you be willing to ship? Also, how big/heavy is a DECWRITER III?

The smallest 9-track would be the slot loading Cipher F880640-90-1025U from the Valid systems. It fits a standard 19" rack and is about 8-9" tall and probably 24" deep. A quick hefting of the drive feels like 70-90lb. The front load StorageTek units are also rack mount, but are about 24" tall. After removing one yesterday I would say it weighs about a ton, but more likely about 100lb. Two people would be a very good idea.

A Decwriter is like an oversize typewriter with its own table. The Decwriters are the consoles for the VAXEN, so I would think they should stay together, unless the new VAX owners don't want them.


Jon Auringer
Madison, WI
Received on Tue Jan 08 2002 - 10:53:58 GMT

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