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From: Matthew Sell <>
Date: Tue Jan 8 17:48:42 2002

I wouldn't advise that you run HV components through the wash....

.... I do - but only when I have spares or the price for failure is very low.

I've run many HV boards for vector monitors through the dishwasher, but
only because I wanted them really clean. I was prepared to lose a
transformer or two - but only because I can get replacements easily enough
for those monitors. In other words, I know it's not really a good idea, but
my desire to have a very clean vector monitor boardset was greater than the
potential cost of a failure or two.

I don't advise others to do this.....

         - Matt

At 07:33 PM 1/8/2002 +0000, you wrote:
> >
> > Having read all the threads relating to board washing I've got a question.
> > What are the panel's thoughts on video boards? I'm thinking of flyback
>IT should be OK, but I'd not want to wash HV stuff, particularly not
>'wound components' with water. It might cause leakage, and those parts
>are expensive and difficult to replace.
>On a 'classic' monitor PCB there's nothing that's static-sensitive (some
>modern monitors use a MOSFET for the HOT (line output transistor), which
>could be static-damaged). So that's one thing you don't have to worry
>about that you do worry about with logic boards.
>What I'd do is start by brushing off all the loose dust. And wiping round
>the flyback and related parts with 'kitchen paper'. Then desolder the
>flyback and other large componets and clean them, and the PCB, with
>propan-2-ol (available from Maplin, or at least it used to be. They call
>it isopropyl alcohol).
> > transformers and the a PET 8032SK here that I'm picking up on
> > fixing again after a couple of months layoff - it's taken up smoking......
>Sometimes smoking can come from dry joints that are arcing. By removing
>the flyback and resoldering it, you've eliminated one possible cause...
>Annother cuase (which led me a merry dance once) is just dust burning off
>high power resistors that are _supposed_ to run hot. No fault, other than
>it needed cleaning...

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