eMag Solutions LLC announces end of life plan for open reel (9-track) tape

From: Bill Richman <bill_r_at_inetnebr.com>
Date: Tue Jan 8 15:25:48 2002

Maybe this has already gone through the list. If not, I thought it
might be of interest. Seems like the end of an era...


Atlanta (December 17, 2001) - eMag, the last manufacturer of open reel
(9-track) tape, is announcing its end of life program for users of
this product. eMag, which has produced open reel (9-track) tape in its
Graham, Texas facility for over 30 years, has determined that the
significantly decreased demand for this once dominant magnetic media
format mandates an organized end of life announcement and program. To
provide an orderly and seamless transition for users of open reel
(9-track) tape technology, we have spent over 3 years developing
alternative solutions that have proven to be both operationally
efficient and cost effective. For a more detailed description of
eMag's alternatives please visit 9-track Retirement.

Final Orders

In order to properly prepare for our final build of this product, eMag
will review and accept final orders for open reel (9-track) tape now,
and through January 14, 2002.

We will prioritize shipments for firm non-cancelable orders, on a
first come first served basis, consistent with our existing inventory
and final manufacturing run and plant capacity. eMag will not
manufacture new open reel (9-track) tape after these final orders are
completed. To assist you with your needs and answer any questions,
eMag has designated experienced program managers in the United States
and Europe to oversee this end of life program. Please direct all
orders, and other inquiries to them at:

Scott Gaylord
Vice President
 Europe, Middle East and Africa
Mark Stephens
Vice President

About eMag Solutions

eMag Solutions is an international organization, headquartered in
Atlanta, Georgia. Our European operations are based in Brynmawr, UK,
and there are more the 200 employees worldwide. Thirty years of
success working in data center environments has created a team of
expert and experienced professionals, with unparalleled knowledge of
data media, its capability, application and potential which has
allowed us to develop additional strategic relationships to ensure
that our clients have access to the best data storage solutions

Bill Richman

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