Toshiba T3200SX Question

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Tue Jan 8 11:15:02 2002

! From: Tothwolf []
! You can remove NiCad leftovers from the boards/parts with
! vinegar after removing the battery. You need to remove
! all traces of vinegar once you are done, otherwise it will
! damage copper traces and other metals. I apply a paste
! mixture of baking soda and water after rinsing the vinegar
! off, and work over the area with a small plastic brush.
! The baking soda will neutralize any remaining vinegar, and
! seems to be just abrasive enough to clean off most of the
! corrosion without further damaging the copper traces.
! After a mild scrubbing, I rinse the baking soda off with a
! kitchen sprayer, and run the board through the dishwasher.
! Not all boards can or should be washed in the dishwasher,
! however.
! This process also works for alkaline batteries, since the
! NiCad mess is also a strong alkaline.

So, it sounds like this should fix up my AA battery size MagLite flashlite,
where the Duracell leaked in there...

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