TCP programming question

From: Kevin Murrell <>
Date: Tue Jan 8 11:33:42 2002

... is a good start for all things telnet!


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Hello, all:

        I'm having trouble tracing down an intermittent problem with the
Altair32 Emulator which as you know uses a telnet server to simulate a
console. I occasionally seem to get two command prompt lines after hitting
<ENTER> wich would lead me to believe a translation issue?

        Does anyone know if there is CR/LF translation across the telnet
channel? For example, if I hit <ENTER> in the telnet client, does that
produce <CR> or <CR><LF>? Is it dependent on the client settings? The simple
Windows telnet client provides only VT52 and VT100 emulation.

        A quick search of the MSDN does not reveal any mention of CR/LF
translation in bind, listen, accept, connect, recv, or send.

        Any thoughts?


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