Ceramic capacitor question

From: Matt London <classiccmp_at_knm.yi.org>
Date: Tue Jan 8 09:37:49 2002


> The Compukit UK101 has several ceramic capacitors, all marked 104Z 25V,
> which judging by what I've found on the web so far makes them .1uF. My local
> Maplins (sorry, that seems to be a swear word in some parts) only has 224Z
> at 25V (I'd guess .2uF?) and 104Z at 50V, half the size.
> What can I get away with? Or am I right in assuming I need to match exactly?

It's ok - I know how it is with maplin - can be hard to pick up bits and
bobs these days, all the little stores are closing.

I don't remember my capacitor markings that well, but you seem to have
covered that. The voltage stated is a maximum working voltage, so you
should use the 104Z 50V version, *not* the 224Z.

Hope this helps :&)

-- Matt

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