Apple disk -> MSDOS

From: M H Stein <>
Date: Tue Jan 8 22:28:10 2002

Do I gather from previous discussions that it's a
problem reading an Apple II floppy disk on a PC?

I'm about to get rid of my last Apple II clone (No,
Ernest, I haven't forgotten you) but there are some
Basic programs on Apple diskettes that I might want to
port to GW-Basic some day. Trouble is, the Apple
has no parallel or serial cards and I don't feel like
copying them off the screen by hand.

I think with a little software I could transfer it
to one of my PETs via the cassette port, and from there
it would be trivial to get to a PC, but I'm hoping
there's an easier way.

I have a CompatiCard I and Uniform, and I still have
the T300 that no one wanted which can do 96TPI 640K
MS-DOS diskettes as well as the usual MS-DOS 5.25
formats, if that's of any use.

Any ideas?

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