Looking for a couple of boards...

From: Chad Fernandez <fernande_at_internet1.net>
Date: Wed Jan 9 09:49:34 2002

The ATI card is pretty rare, I think. They don't show up on Ebay very
often and when they do they go for a quite a bit. They're not Qbus SCSI
expensive, but still expensive. The IBM Image-I Adapter/A is showing up
on Ebay more than it used to, and has become less expensive than it used
to be.


What are your plans for the boards?

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Boatman on the River of Suck wrote:
> I am looking for an ATI Graphics Ultra Pro MCA and an IBM Image-I
> Adapter/A. Let me know if you have one you can get rid of. Thanks.
> Peace... Sridhar
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