Apple disk -> MSDOS

From: Cini, Richard <>
Date: Wed Jan 9 07:43:17 2002

I believe that the Diamond Trackstar can use a PC floppy drive to read an
Apple II disk by using a special passive cable between the Trackstar board
and the floppy. For me, I use a real Apple drive connected to the Trackstar.

Otherwise, I use ADT to get apple disk images into and out of the
Apple<=>PC. For preservation of BASIC listings I would get a super serial
card for the Apple, null-modem connect it to the PC, do PR#2 and then "list"
the program to a terminal program (with screen logging ON) running on the
PC. This same trick, console redirection, is used to get the Apple portion
of the ADT program into the Apple (except using IN#2 I believe).


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Do I gather from previous discussions that it's a
problem reading an Apple II floppy disk on a PC?

I'm about to get rid of my last Apple II clone (No,
Ernest, I haven't forgotten you) but there are some
Basic programs on Apple diskettes that I might want to
port to GW-Basic some day. Trouble is, the Apple
has no parallel or serial cards and I don't feel like
copying them off the screen by hand.

I think with a little software I could transfer it
to one of my PETs via the cassette port, and from there
it would be trivial to get to a PC, but I'm hoping
there's an easier way.

I have a CompatiCard I and Uniform, and I still have
the T300 that no one wanted which can do 96TPI 640K
MS-DOS diskettes as well as the usual MS-DOS 5.25
formats, if that's of any use.

Any ideas?

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