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From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jan 9 13:28:42 2002

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Fred Cisin (XenoSoft) wrote:

> > On Tue, 8 Jan 2002, Don Maslin wrote:
> > > The Microsolutions MatchPoint card in conjunction with a specific
> > > version of UniForm will permit read/write of the Apple II format
> > > disks. That is about the only combination that immediately occurs
> > > that permits this.
> Turnover (previously Apple Turnover) from Vertex was another earlier
> version of the same thing.

Fred, you gave me the impression that the Turnover was a heaping mound of
dung. Does/Did it actually work? Or can it be made to work? Or does
it at least work half-reliably? If so, do you still have the drivers and
docs for one somewhere? (Don't tell me: you gave this to me already ;)

> The Matchpoint is rare. I see them occasionally, but not very often.
> Actually, I saw one at VCF a few years ago, but when I went back to
> get it, somebody else had already bought it.


> Nope. It does RAW track read. You would then have to parse the track
> data to recreate bytes and sector boundaries. Not completely trivial,
> but quite feasible.

Not a problem. I'd just take the Disk ][ controller machine code and
convert it to C ;)

> > What about the (Applied Engineering) PC Transporter? It's an Apple ][
> > card that allows you to connect up a PC drive to your Apple and transfer
> > files. I think I have one somewhere. I also have a Rana PC<->Apple
> > gateway box but I don't know if it works like the PC Transporter. I guess
> > I should play with it someday and see what it does.
> There were several after-market devices for the Apple to do it. One of
> them advertised itself as being a "PC drive for the Apple". Inside the
> "drive" box was an Ampro Littleboard! It was just using the Apple as a
> terminal.

This may well be the Rana box. I might have time to check on it today,
but I'm behind on a major move.

> There were two Apple on a board units for the PC. There was the
> Diamond Trackstar (which was even available through RS for a while!),
> and there was the Quadram Quadlink. The Quadlink had some quality
> control issues - of 20 that we bought at the college, 16 were DOA.
> When Quadram replaced those, 12 of the REPLACEMENTS were DOA! C'mon
> guys, you do have to test some of them, and all of replacement units.
> One of them had a connector installed backwards, such that it could
> NOT be connected using their cables

I missed several opportunities to buy a Diamond Trackstar off of Haggle a
few years back. There was this guy who obviously had way too many of them
and one was listed almost every week. I kept holding off thinking that
there would also be an opportunity to buy one and kept spending my money
on other things. Duh.

But actually, I think I did end up with one eventually, and it's somewhere
in my pile ;)

> WHEN we locate the Apple Turnover software, and IF we can find one of
> the boards that WORKS, it can do Apple-DOS, Apple CP/M, P-System, and
> Pro-Dos. The hardware is flaky and the software is buggy, and it is
> picky about which drives it will work with. But it did work.

Hmm. Good enough. So where do you think the software is? Do you have
the source?

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