VAX 11/780s - Masscomp - Valid equipment available

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Wed Jan 9 07:48:17 2002

> Wanna come up and play with our Perkin-Elmers sometime?
> M. K. Peirce
> Rhode Island Computer Museum, Inc.
> Shady Lea, Rhode Island
> "Casta est quam nemo rogavit."
> - Ovid

The amount of OS/32 I know is minimal and dropping daily.

I used to know Xelos (Perkin-Elmer's SysV Rel0 port to the 3200 series)
but that's not available anywhere I'll bet and no one is probably
at the current Concurrent (formerly Harris) who cares about adding it
to the archived Unix software at The Unix Heritage Society.

RTU is also pretty rare these days.

My favorite OS source code I'd like to see released is Pyramid's OS/x
dual universe (SysV BSD) SMP port.

There are pieces of that I'd love to see in FreeBSD.


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