"Locking Connector Kits" for LocalTalk

From: Bryan Pope <bpope_at_wordstock.com>
Date: Wed Jan 9 17:09:01 2002

> > Speaking of DIN plugs... I had to buy an 8-pin to finally make my XE1541
> > cable... I cut off a few pins and *fit* the other ones to the correct places..
> Any reason you didn't just buy a 6 pin DIN plug? I assume it's to fit the
> CBM serial bus conenctors on the 1541...

Because no one in the area had any in stock. Even this place called "You-do-it
Electronics" which has a *huge* selection of electronic parts was out of
them. :( Their computer said it was in stock and the floor person was very
helpful in trying to find it - but to no avail.

The guy said that there is not much call for 6 pin DIN plugs anymore.. :(

> > After having a lot of fun (NOT) with the soldering... I finally got it together
> > *and* working.. :)
> >
> > And here is my follow-up question... Is there an *easy* way to get the cover
> > off of a DIN plug without making anymore new scars in my fingers?
> Press in the metal locking tab with a screwdriver. You'll generaly bend it
> so far it'll not lock any more, but that's easy to fix once the plug is
> apart.
> If the plug is on a piece of cable. push the cable into the plug. And
> pull on the metal 'can'. The cover will then slide off.
> If the plug is unwired, push a suitable drift (Allen hex key?) up the
> cable strain relief to push the guts out.

Thanks - I will try this next time I take on apart.

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