Commodore laptop: was "Locking Connector Kits" for LocalTalk

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Jan 9 20:14:12 2002

Cameron and all Commodore "Gurus". I posted this before with no response.
I have a nice little Commodore Laptop for which I don't have a power supply
adaptor. C386SX-LT "made in Japan" "Funkenstort n. Vfg 1046/84".
 I would suspect it was put out by Commodore Germany.
 The only reference I've been able to find is for a battery for it. It's 16 v.
 The AC adaptor port is an female 8-pin mini-din like the Mac ones. Anyone
have any info as to the pinout so I could make a plug or adaptor for it ?

> > >First, I've never found a female DIN-8
> > >port for sale (and not for lack of looking)
> >
> > Not that it will matter, as you don't plan to build it anyway... but for
> > reference... MCM Electronics ( sells Female Din-8
> > (although, isn't that size really a mini-din?).
> Not necessarily; the C64's video port comes in an 8-pin variety and they
> call that DIN-8 also. Much larger, however, than Mac Mini-DIN.
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