Continuing PDP11 saga

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Jan 10 02:13:11 2002

On Jan 9, 20:54, Tom Leffingwell wrote:

> Besides being able to map memory up to 2MW, is there any advantage
> to being 22-bit over 18-bit?

Not that I can think of.

> Also, can you think of any cheaply available Q-bus module that I
> could set the address of to match the ADV11? I called 3 surplus places,
> all of whom wanted $750 - $1,000 for their ADV11's! I talked one guy
> to $350 for one with a bad A-D converter, but was still addressable.
> That's still a lot, especially for a broken board.

Ouch! Sorry, I can't think of anything else offhand. Besides, if the
software is checking for the presence of the board, it might write some
initialisation value to it and try to read its status back. That would
most likely fail if you had the wrong device at that address.

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