Bought an IBM 5362 -- so now what do I do with this thing?

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Date: Thu Jan 10 05:21:58 2002

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><< I'm trying to track down resources for IBM System/36
> and the model 5362. I just Ebay'd one (momentary
> insanity) and I need to start putting together all the
> apocrypha to go with it. All I'm getting is the system
> unit. I need to try and track down software, manuals
> and a display station first. Any pointers or
> assistance would be just lovely, and greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Colin Eby
> Senior Consultant
> CSC Consulting >>
>I've a 5364, probably the same. anybody else got one?
>Mine's a desktop form factor and was lucky to get the dual floppy 5150 pc
>that seems to control it. I use the 5150 to IPL the 5364 and takes about 5
>minutes. eventually I get a passwoid prompt and I dont know what it is. I'm
>not sure how the menus work. also got with it a 3194 twinax terminal but no
>keyboard so I can't use that right now. both units came with disks in their
>drives but not sure what their content is. I really should make a writeup
>about this beast on my collection site. It's really quite impressive.
>Antique Computer Virtual Museum

I have a 5363 in my collection, but haven't managed to get any info on it.

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