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From: John Allain <>
Date: Thu Jan 10 16:53:13 2002

+AD4- A good 35mm SLR with good film should be
+AD4- able to manage about 12Mpixels equivalent
+AD4- I think (4000 +ACo- 3000 or so).

I'm pretty fussy, Tony but not for
all things, all times. I'd rate:
  35mm/iso25 as 15MPix
  35mm/iso100 as 5MPix
  35mm/iso800 as 1MPix

Since I don't shoot Kodachrome for everything,
my break even for film vs digital may be lower.

Of course there are convenience reasons, but there
are +ACI-filmic+ACI- reasons for choosing digital too.
Like more control of contrast at a resolution
and Ultra low (zero?) shutter vibration. I got one
handheld off at 1second that would have never expected
to work with an SLR.

John A.
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