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From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Thu Jan 10 13:33:18 2002

 I watched it religiously. One of the old Commodore gurus was the tech-man
and central figures on the show, Jim Butterfield, who wrote all kinds of
programs for the C64 as well as contributing to many C-64 books. Billy Van
and Luba Goy were front-men and knew little about computers. I ran across
Billy Van in cabbagetown(a district of Toronto) a couple of years ago and
suggested they should redo the show as a musical. He didn't have the vision.
 Jim Butterfield was a neighbor of mine until I moved out west and much
involved in Toronto Freenet. He also gave me a great Amiga 3000 that his
daughter had grown tired of playing games on. One of the Commodore
legends and contributors. Wish someone would do a re-run !


> Just curious: anybody here ever see a TV show back
> in the 80's called Bits and Bytes, exploring the
> PETs, Apples, TI99's etc. of the day and starring
> Billy Van (Laugh-In) and Luba Goy (Cdn Air Farce)?
> mike

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