Tek scope service manuals

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Thu Jan 10 13:11:17 2002

I just went back the site and got a COMPLETELY different page, with some of
the same references, names, but, this time, pictures. I still don't see a
"search" option, but it may be hiding there someplace.

I don't know what I got that last time, but it was VERY different.

BTW, I got many dozens of hits using GOOGLE and the search term <Tektronix
Service Manuals>. I'm looking for a service document in downloadable form for
the TM515 "traveler" mainframe from the TEK TM500 series, since that's what
I've been using for the past couple of decades. I've got a problem with my
FG504 and PG508 in that frame, and I think there may be a power deficit.

I did find a scan of the TEK475+DM44 manual. That's a good sign.


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> Type 2430 into the search engine under Model No.
> I know their search engine leaves a bit to be desired but I used them to
> buy an HP service manual. The best I could get in Europe was a photocopy
> AND it cost more than the originals from ManualsPlus.
> Try http://www.big-list.com/usedmanu.html. It's a comprehesive list of
> service manual dealers.
> Good Luck
> Chris
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