More Deluxe Option Board software

From: Mark <>
Date: Thu Jan 10 16:11:34 2002


Some of you might remember that I uploaded version 5.4 of the Central Point
Deluxe Option Board software a while ago.

I recently received another Option Board, which came with a slightly earlier
version of the software, as well as Copy II PC 6.0. None of the disks seem to
have been written to since new.

Both Option Board software versions are 5.4 according to the disk labels and
READ.ME files. The disks I uploaded a while ago contain version 5.5 of
MCP.EXE, compared with 5.4 for the version I just uploaded (see URL below). So
these earlier disks may not be of much interest.

Copy II PC 6.0 is a program for backing up copy-protected PC disks. Dated
1990, it probably doesn't handle protected high density disks (neither does
the Deluxe Option Board software). It might work better in conjunction with a
Deluxe Option Board card; I have not tested that. Anyway, I have uploaded disk
images of this too.

Instructions: download files and decompress using gzip. Use your favourite
disk-image-writing program to write the disk images to floppy disks. (For
example IBM's LOADDSKF for MS-DOS, WinImage for Windows, dd under UNIX-like

-- Mark
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