IBM System/34...

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Thu Jan 10 20:50:53 2002

I need to get my hands on disk images of the microcode, SSP, and RPG II
diskettes for an IBM S/34. I have the diskettes and a running PDP-11
with an RX02, but the S/34 uses a funny sector size and so the RX02 cannot
read them. SSP version 8 would be nice but any version will work. My
intentions are to write a software emulator to replace the System/34 that
was maliciously destroyed in December by SSI Inc. (Long story there, short
version: Hostile corporate takeover, hostile management forces old management
out, uses building maintenance to gain access to a private storage area used
by the old management and myself, and destroyed all equipment and data stored
there, which included a S/36 and S/34, both in perfect running condition,
my DEC Rainbow, miscellaneous PDP-10,PDP-11 and IBM manuals, and miscellaneous
office equipment. Then, after depositing the remains in the dumpster, they
called us out to observe their handiwork and ridicule us.)

If anyone can either generate disk images on their own, or somehow read
the disks I have (Or even better, tell me how to read them with my RX02)
I would be very grateful. I am well-armed with documentation for the emulation
project, I have system logic diagrams, descriptions of the micromachine,
circuit prints, and all sorts of IBM manuals that I am probably not supposed
to have. ^_^

Please mail with responses as I am not able to
check this email address very often. Also, I will say now that I am unemployed
and cannot pay for commerical data-conversion services.

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