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From: Sipke de Wal <sipke_at_wxs.nl>
Date: Thu Jan 10 21:22:12 2002


I got an emulator (win9x) of the Edsac (a SSEM contemporary
english computer) somewhere in the emulator section of
my website. With very instructive and elaborate documentation

This will give you an good idea of the level of sophistication
of computers from that era. Maybe crude to our current
standards but cutting edge for those days ......................

in ..... files/Emulator/Edac

Sipke de Wal

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> Matthew Sell wrote:
> > Has anyone ever attempted to recreate all or part of the ENIAC? Maybe as
> > part of a CS project or museum?
> For the 50th aniversary some few years ago there was a projet to put
> ENIAC on a chip:
> http://www.ee.upenn.edu/~jan/eniacproj.html
> AFAIK no one has tried to rebuild the orginal in physical form.
> On a related topic, the original Manchester (England) machine
> which ran its first program in 1948 was reconstructed from mainly period
> components. The story is here:
> http://www.computer50.org/mark1/index.html#baby
> -- hbp
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