OT: DELL SUCKS! Re: PC Gamer, best 50 classic games issue?

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Thu Jan 10 22:38:07 2002

>We have a local computer shop that (last week) had as-is 3c589 NICs
>for $5, but no dongle. I bought a couple spares, and a Xircom PS-CEM-28
>(also no dongles). Hopefully the 10BaseT dongle I have for another
>Xircom card will work (the 100BaseT dongles _are_ different).

I saw some generic dongles down at the CompUSA a little while back. They
were $25. The blister pack said it worked with 3com and other PCMCIA
cards. I used it successfully with a XIRCOM 10bt/56k modem card (only
with the Ethernet half... modem used a different connection, but that
looked similar to the one that fit in my old ActionTec modem, I just
never got around to trying it).

The dongle also said it worked with 10/100 ethernet. There are no
markings on the dongle of value (it is here in front of me) so I can't
tell you the brand, but I do know for sure I bought it at CompUSA


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