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From: Curt Vendel <curt_at_atari-history.com>
Date: Fri Jan 11 12:52:08 2002

Too bad there isn't a show today like that, or should I say the
coporate geniuses at Microslop wouldn't 'allow' competitors to strut
their stuff.

Its interesting you say that.... I used to be a MS advocate (now now, calm down....) when I saw products like Excel on both the PC and Mac and Windows was coming along (although GEM on the ST's was far better, just those damned Atari STM-1 mice were horrible to use) well as the years went by and saw how they were killing companies like Novell (of course Novell hurt themselves for their own shortsightedness) and then the big competition against IBM's OS/2 which was a far superior OS in my view. Well, when I started hearing about small startup companies with great new products (many were the small java based firms) and MS would swoop in, buy them up, put the products into some filing cabinets and either fire or assimilate the employees and move on, thats when I realized that competitors will never "strut their stuff" because the big MS will come down and wipe them out. People wonder why so many hate MS.....


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> Curt Vendel wrote:
> >
> > Hi John,
> >
> > Yeah, thats right, everytime a MS product was shown, there was always a
> > Mac comparision, always lots of small startup software company people on
> > talking about great products they had, they would do a little helpdesk thing
> > sometimes, showing people common issues, they were very Mac centric in shows
> > which was cool too. Those shows were a lot of fun to watch (and listen to
> > on the Radio).... something to do while watching the lights of the Hayes
> > Smartmodem blinking away in the middle of the night knowing someone was on
> > your computer while it was running BBS software.... Man, I miss that
> > stuff!!!
> >
> > Curt
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> > > > I don't remember that one, but I do remember the Computer
> > > > Cronicles.... they used to have a Radio Show every Sunday
> > > > night at 9pm or so, then I recall they had a TV show for a while
> > > > after that, I think on PBS Public Educational TV here in NYC,
> > > > don't know where else.
> > >
> > > Good old Stewart Chiefet. Think that show originated from KTEH
> > > in Silly Valley. Great show. His co-Host for some time was Gary
> > > Kildall of all people. It was pretty even handed. The MS Wonk
> > > would give his presentation then somebody from nowhere would
> > > be up showing how his SW could do just as well or better. Stewart
> > > still lives on in the NYC area latenight on 'Net Cafe'. Absolutely on
> > > topic since CC predated 1988. By how much I don't know.
> > >
> > > It lives!: http://www.cmptv.com/computerchronicles/
> > >
> > > John A.
> > >
> Yes, I remember it well, back when I wa struggling to learn the innards
> of my VIC-20. I* even remmber seeing the Video Toaster demo on there.
> Too bad there isn't a show today like that, or should I say the
> coporate geniuses at Microslop wouldn't 'allow' competitors to strut
> their stuff.
> Gary Hildebrand
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