Ugly Computers (Was: RE: Appropritate comic strip....)

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Fri Jan 11 19:57:45 2002

>Or maybe this could be viewed as Apple coming back to where it should've
>been before they forced out Steve Jobs-- resulting in the creation of
>the NeXT? Still, I think Jobs needed to learn a few things through that
>process before he could come back to Apple and help.

        Obviously NeXT is having an influence on what Apple is doing
at the moment but I think the above statement is closer to what is
happening. Look at what happened to Apple after they foreced Jobs
out. They lost all direction and their product line became a
confusing mess, not to mention the quality went down hill as well.
The best thing to come out of that era was the move to the PPC
architecture. Apple was in very deep trouble by the time Jobs was
brought back on board. He may not be perfect but he has a vision and
he's bent on pursuing it. As for the new iMac, I think that, like
the original iMac, it's meant to demystify computers for those that
have no interest in them for the most part and who don't want a plain
beige box taking up space. Like it or not, it's hard to ignore and
it does make a statement.

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