IBM System/34...

From: Colin Eby <>
Date: Fri Jan 11 20:18:35 2002

< ... I need to get my hands on disk images of the
microcode, SSP, and RPG II diskettes for an IBM
S/34.... >

Daniel --

>:-0 What a horror story. If I can be of help please
let me know. I have no idea about the operating
condition of the 5362 arriving next week. If it runs
maybe I will be able to do a bit of data recovery
through a 5152 emulation. But I don't have any docs at
all so I haven't a clue how to hack the login and
recover any OS still extant on the system. If you have
docs or suggestions to that end, please share them.

Colin Eby
Senior Consultant
CSC Consulting

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