Mac IIci

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Jan 13 14:41:52 2002

>It is uses a 25mhz Motorola 68030 processor. What would be the
>approximate Intel/PC equivalent? The 386DX-25? The 486DX-25? faster,
>slower, what? I don't have much Mac experience at all. I own a Plus,
>but after cleaning it, I haven't done anything with it but let it sit,
>mainly because of the silly 800K drives.

IIRC, the general rule of thumb is:
8086 -- 68000
80286 -- 68020
80386 -- 68030
80486 -- 68040

It's once you start talking about Pentium and higher vs. PPC 601 and higher
than things start getting confusing.

>It has a Radius video card, but unfortunately, the Radius monitor got
>sold separately. It was a "Pivot" monitor. I pulled the monitor of the
>nonfunctioning IIcx and the ci boots fine, and is running System 7.1.
>How much should I offer?

Very little. While it's still a good system, you really need old copies of
software. I've got an SE/30 that's got MS Word 5.1 on it, and it makes a
great word processor. Far better than Windows could do on a simular system.


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