WTB: TMS 4060 RAM or Equivalent

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sun Jan 13 18:10:06 2002

OOps! I guess I hit reply just a mite early on that last one.

ISTR that there was an AMD equivalent to this part. They also made what was
essentially the same part with common I/O or some other such feature that
enabled its packaging in an 18-pin DIL package. I remember this only because
I ordered a bunch of the 18-pin parts once and was shipped the 22-pin parts
instead. Getting them swapped was no problem, though.

Those days are gone, however.


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> > Hi ...
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> > I'm new to this list and I'm not sure if you trade/buy/sell here but I'm
> Yes, wanted/for sale adverts are fine here. Provided they relate to
> classic computers, of course.
> > looking for some TMS 4060 RAM or Equivalent.
> IIRC, that's a 4K * 1 DRAM in a 22 pin DIL package. Non-multiplexed address,
> with a clock (or similar) pin that's driven to higher-than-TTL voltages.
> I've come across them in HP equipment. Problem is, the units I've come
> across them in are also rare, and shouldn't really be used as a source of
> parts ;-))
> -tony
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