Does anyone have details about the STC ZEBRA? Tony?

From: Chris <>
Date: Sun Jan 13 11:01:43 2002

>STC = Stantec = Standard Telephone and Cable. They sold a truly strange
>computer called the ZEBRA. It was designed to be cheap (it used a drum
>for storage and did arithmetic serially).

I used to have two of them... if you are talking about the same Zebra
systems I had. I don't know much about them. One of my first duties at
this company was to replace them with PCs.

They were used to run the "PICK" OS, and in that run an interviewing
system called "Oscar". As far as the use I saw them doing, they really
were nothing more than a terminal server. They were replaced within weeks
with 386 PCs with DigiBoards, and an intel build of PICK and Oscar.

IIRC, the Zebra's were based around a Motorola 68000 processor (I think
at 16mhz, not sure... this is totally off memory).

I do have 2 fairly large manuals for them still (3" binders with an
assortment of smaller manuals or "chapters" clipped in them). I might
also have a tape backup drive for it, but I think they had tape drives
built in, so the external drive I am thinking of may go to my AT&T unix
machines. I think I also still have the modem that was used on the Zebras
(although, I would guess it is probably nothing more than an fairly
standard 300 or 1200 baud modem).


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