Creating PDF's from scanned image files

From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Mon Jan 14 14:02:48 2002

  I'm getting closer to a real PDF file!!!

      <<<<GROUP 4 FAX TIFF>>>>>>>
 First, here is my notes on converting an
JPG image to a G4 TIF image in Windows:
------ Converting to G4 TIF --------------
   In Win95/98/NT, path to follow is:
Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Imaging
   In Win95, the program is called Wang Imaging
   and is usually found in c:\windows\wangimg.exe.
   In Win 98, the program is called Kodak Imaging
   and is usually found in c:\windows\kodakimg.exe.
   In Win NT, the program is called Wang Imaging
   and is usually found in
   c:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories\ImageVue\wangimg.exe.

   Now since I'm running Win98, the following
   is dealing with Kodak Imaging.
   After kodakimg.exe starts I load a .JPG file:
File -> Open
   In my example the file is 8.5x11 300dpi
   8bit(256 shades) grayscale.
   Then I copy the file to the scrapbook:
Edit -> Copy Page
   Then I create a NEW image with G4 compression:
File -> New
*File Type tab - check "TIFF document(TIFF)"
*Compression tab - Pull down "Compression" and
   select "CCITT Group 4 (2d) fax". (This changes
   the Color tab selection to "Black and White").
*Resolution tab - I set pull down "Resolution"
   to "300 x 300 dpi".
*Size tab - Defaults to 8.5x11
   Click "OK"
   Then I paste the scrapbook image into the NEW
Edit -> Paste
   The 8bit gray image is now a bitmap.
   You can check the image's properties at any time:
Page -> Properties
   Then just save the file:
File -> Save As
   Set the filename and click "Save"
  This converted a 2,851KB 8bit JPEG to a 448KB
bitmap TIFF file. I can also scan and create
multi-page TIFF files with this program.

        <<<<PDF FILE>>>>>>>
 Hans turned me onto IMG2PDF for windows (demo version
on the Web). But I must have screwed up the
installation. It produced a 6 page PDF file but the
pages were all blank and the file was 4K in size!!
 Now I downloaded the demo version of TIF2PDF from
the same company (Excel Info Tech, Inc.). The program
installed fine and it created a beautiful 6 page
PDF file that is 1,669K (Much better that 15MB).
The problem is that the demo version inserts
"Copyright of Excel Info Tech, Inc." in red across
each page of the PDF!!! And for some reason it
insert the pages in the order 2,3,4,5,1,6. If I
create a three page PDF, it inserts the pages in
the order 2,1,3.
Doug Coward
_at_ home in Poulsbo, WA

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