Tallgrass Technologies TG-1140

From: Sipke de Wal <sipke_at_wxs.nl>
Date: Mon Jan 14 11:56:58 2002

Is that the type which uses "certified digital cassette tapes" with a
propriety kinda SCSI interface ? .......................

If so I got one from an old Tulip-PC with some limited doc's from
Tulip. But I'll have to dig a bit to get things handy .....

Sipke de Wal

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Subject: Tallgrass Technologies TG-1140

> Anybody know anything about a Tallgrass Technologies TG-1140 Tape
> Storage System? Apparently takes 40MB cartridge tapes. The guy who has
> it thinks it was built about 1988.
> I don't have access to it, so that's all the info I have.
> Yeah, I know. Tony Duell has all the manuals.... :^)
> Doc
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