More HP1000's

From: Steve Robertson <>
Date: Mon Jan 14 08:10:37 2002

Hey gang,

Went shopping this weekend to one of my secret hideaways and found 3 racks
of HP1000/E stuff. Good thing I have a big truck or I'd have top make
several trips.

None of those system has a hard drive but, each one does have a 9885 floppy
drive. Since I'm just getting started with the 1000s, I've got a couple of
newbie questions.

1.) Does the 9885 require special disks or will generic 8" floppies work?
What is the format for the disks?

2) Can RTE be run from a floppy system?

3.) And of course... Does anyone have a copy of RTE or any other OS on
compatible floppy they'd be willing to share?

TIA, SteveRob

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Received on Mon Jan 14 2002 - 08:10:37 GMT

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