68010 (was Re: Mac IIci)

From: Bruce Robertson <bruce_at_greatbasin.net>
Date: Mon Jan 14 16:56:42 2002

--- Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com> wrote:
> I do believe the main reason for the 68010's appearance in what was
> previously a number of 68000 applications was that it could support
> virtual memory, while that was awkward on a 68K.

Yes, I seem to remember that with the 68000, there was an interaction with
the Bus Fault signal that prevented you from attaching any kind of memory
management unit. Something to do with what state got saved on the stack;
I don't remember the exact details. I remember helping design a discrete-logic
MMU for the machine I was working on at the time, and we had to wait for the
68010 to come out before we could use it.

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