Prophylactic replacement of electrolytic capacitors?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Jan 14 11:29:19 2002

On Jan 14, 9:39, Gary Hildebrand wrote:
> IMHO, it depends mostly on who made the electrolytics. I have large
> "computer grade" electrolytics from the 60's, salvaged from Ampex VTR's
> that are still 100%, and have never failed in over 30 years.

Not unusual...

> OTOH, the cheap electrolytics found in consumer grade electronics seem
> to dry out and fail on a yeary or biannual basis. One of the worst
> failure rates I've seen is the teeny tiny 160VDC electrolytics; I just
> replace then no matter what and usually that cures the problems.

...and also not unusual. I've seen a batch of Pentium motherboards that
had a stack of small cheap electrolytics right beside/under the Slot1
processor -- and all dried out and failed within a few months.

> The best way to check those #$%#$%^# caps is to use an ESR meter. And
> only then should yo buckshot them. And replace them with good grade
> Spraggue or CDE if possible. I've had mixed to poor resutls with
> Nichion, or other cheap Japanese caps sold by MCM Electronics.
> Gary Hildebrand

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