OT? Apple Stylewriter problems (longish)

From: M H Stein <mhstein_at_canada.com>
Date: Tue Jan 15 00:54:47 2002

From: jpero_at_sympatico.ca
Subject: Re: OT? Apple Stylewriter problems (longish)
>Good thing friend has spare printer to fall forward on,
Ouch; that must hurt...
>PS:  Successfully unclogged 3 epson inkjet printers today w/ very 
good results.  The normal self cleaning is barely ok for minor 
problems, I always had to resort to brutal unclog methods on epsons 
that refuses to cooperate.  Epson's printheads are about $100CDN.
Took me years to develop the correct methods because other normal 
ways to deal with those epsons doesn't work at *all*.  Aside from 
that, these epsons are very cheap, mechanically is pretty good.
So, share your secret!
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