classiccmp-digest V1 #833

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Jan 15 06:23:46 2002

> I remember when I upgraded my Mac II from 2MB to 5MB. I paid
> $1200 for four 1MB SIMMs, and that was with a price break of
> $400. Now 1MB SIMMs are worth next to nothing.
> I also bought a Mac IIfx, which was an evolutionary dead end.

I bought a Mac IIci, new, w/4MB RAM and an 80MB drive for
<drum roll> five kilobucks. I paid a total of about $4000
for the new Mac 512K, w/external 400K drive and Imagewriter.

BTW, I got a IIfx free, decomissioned from our office. I
think the RAM is maxed, but I'm not sure... does *anyone*
have this for a reasonable price?

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