[OT] 5" and 6" CRTs needed...

From: Gene Buckle <geneb_at_deltasoft.com>
Date: Tue Jan 15 10:10:30 2002

> I'm sure I have one, mono, slightly burned, abt 6" if I recall; cute.
> Trouble is, I can't find it; suspect I left it at the cottage (much more
> portable than a 14"); how urgent is your need? And it's in Toronto
> (or would be).
> Now, if you _really_ only needed a CRT, and not a monitor, would
> I have some deals for you... :)

Heheh. Thanks Mike. The displays are destined for my F-15C simulator
project and any "extra" that show up will be distributed among the Simpits
community since I'm not the only one in need of these. I'm in Washington
State so I imagine a good sized shipping charge would be applied.

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