Stuff I want to get rid of...

From: Robert Schaefer <>
Date: Tue Jan 15 19:31:52 2002

Got some misc stuff I don't want.

A few boards pulled from an old PBX:
One marked `LC 96B V 1' and `SYSTEM CONTROL', one marked `LC 78B V 1' &
`PROCESSOR' (AMD 8080A CPU!) & one marked `LC 95C V 4' & `MEMORY 1' (two
banks of 9x uhhhh 1484?, one bank of 8 wide ceramic 24 pin DIPs). The dang
thing weighed a ton, so I couldn't get the whole chassis, but I pulled the
more interesting cards.

One Sperry PC 384KB memory upgrade, new in box, (handwritten) serial #

Yours for shipping from zip 43211, or it goes to the trash.

ja ne!

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