From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Tue Jan 15 19:00:44 2002

On Jan 15, 14:17, Eric J. Korpela wrote:

> Apparently there are are lots of Araldites. Araldite 2020 and 2026 are
> clear. There are a few dozen other Araldites as well. I'm sure the stuff
> you generically call Araldite has a type number as well. It's possible
> the type varies depending upon how the epoxy is branded.

It's sold here as "Araldite". Full stop. No number. It's a retail
product that's been around for decades (Araldite was invented by Aero
Research in the UK and came to fame during WW2; it was sold to Ciba after
the war). We can get the numbered types as well, but they're less common;
I'd need to go to an engineering (or electronics or microscopy) supplier
for most of them. Unfortunately that means I can't tell you what the
equivalent number version would be in the States :-(

The standard stuff is a 50:50 mix, comes in blue and yellow tubes, and like
all epoxies is thermoplastic. It softens at around 150 deg.C. You can
vary the mix slightly to make it a little more or less rigid/hard. The
normal mix sands/files well. Does that help?

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