Need some odd memory - 8Mb *30* pin SIMMs

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Jan 15 14:41:03 2002

I have an older "Planar" brand integrated computer - 486, wall bracket,
9" LCD, 2 x PCMCIA, 1 x ISA. The motherboard is identical to some I
have in some "Network PCs" built into a keyboard housing - a few inches
square, one power connector (1/2 of an AT connector), 34-pin _and_
laptop floppy connector, 40 and 44 pin IDE, and 4 30 pin SIMM sockets.

The trick about the RAM is that these motherboards can take 2-chip
30-pin SIMMs (1Mb, 4Mb, no parity) _and_ 4-chip 30-pin SIMMs (2Mb,
8Mb, no parity). I have three sets of 2Mb SIMMs and one set of 4Mb
SIMMs that are 1/2 populated. Absolutely worst case, I sacrifice
a 16Mb 72-pin SIMM and migrate the chips to the empty spots on my 4Mb
SIMMs. I'd rather not (because it a bit of work, and I don't know how
to move the 0 Ohm resistors to have the SIMMs tell the motherboard
that they have more RAM).

Has anyone seen 8Mb 30-pin SIMMs? If I hadn't seen these myself, I
wouldn't have believed they exist. I'll post a URL to pictures if
I have to.

I'd rather run Linux on a 32Mb machine than a 16Mb machine. That's
my motivation.


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