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Date: Tue Jan 15 19:05:18 2002

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Subject: OT: scaffolding

> Ok, so since this group seems to be into most everything, including
> the occasional classic computer related topic, I am wondering if
> anyone has suggestions as to the source of building scaffolding
> here in the midwest (chicago) area? I need enough sections to do
> work under the eves of my two story house, which means about 30'.

There's an outfit around here (Columbus, Ohio) named Waco that rents
scaffolding. It's a national chain, so there might be one around you. IIRC
they set it up and everything, but they may not want to rent to someone
without the Proper Training. You could call a local construction outfit and
ask them if they rent from anybody. $home_improvement_store may also rent

Maybe a walkboard on jacks like the vinyl siding guys use would work? Lean
two ladders against the wall, set the jacks on 'em, and lay a plank across?
Scary in the middle of the span but a lot cheaper, time-wise as well as

Obontopic: I just picked up a SBC Z80 from Lee Hart on comp.os.cpm. It
appears to be an embedded controller card from something-- it slids into a
chassis and connects to a wirewrap 100-pin connector. It's got `COLUMBIA
20002' etched on it, and `20002AS REV A' screened on it. 2716 EPROM, 9x
0416's, 8255, & 2x 8251. Anyone know what it came out of?

> --tom

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