Available: Commodore 64 with drive

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Tue Jan 15 13:07:06 2002

I have a C-64 here with a floppy drive. No cables of any kind (but I have
a call into the guy that gave it to me, to see if he still has the

Anyone want it? I don't know it if works, but my friend said it worked
when he stopped using it (5+ years ago). It is rather dusty, and was
kicking around on his basement floor when I found it and asked if he
still wanted it, so who knows the condition now.

I don't know the value of such a machine, nor do I think I care... I just
want to get rid of it (taking old electronics is an addiction of mine
that I need to break since I ran out of room a long time ago).

There is a copy of Bank Street Writer sitting in the disk drive. The
drive is a 5.25 drive, model number 1541.

The stuff is available as a package, or in peices. Best offer gets it (or
any part of it), with lowest acceptable offer being cost of shipping
(shipping out of Ridgewood, NJ 07450, you can also pick it up if you
want). If I can get the power supply and disk drive cable, I will post a

So to sum up... items available:

5.25 floppy drive model 1541
5.25 original disk for Bank Street Writer


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