SCSI Question

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Date: Tue Jan 15 23:33:10 2002

I'm going to claim this is on topic since it's for my
SPARCStation2 which is 10 years old.

To make a (semi-)long story short, I've come to the
conclusion that I need a SCSI1 to SCSI3 adapter with
high byte termination to connect a wide IBM SCSI drive
to the narrow SCSI controller in my SS2. The only
IDC50M to MD68M adapter I've found doesn't have the
termination. There's a nice little adapter out there
but it's got female connectors on both ends. I could
try to assemble something with gender changers, but
I'm afraid I'd end up spending more than I did on
the drive for a Frankenstien that I'm not even sure
would work.

So my question is, does anyone know where to find an
adapter with male connectors? Or, for that matter,
has anyone dealt with this sort of thing and have
a better suggestion?

Thanks in advance,
Brian L. Stuart
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