More DELLness & TRON! :D

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Wed Jan 16 06:37:45 2002

> MS-DOS.. Or a DOS shell in Windows 98 SE and lower (Windows XP and 2000
> *SUCK* at running programs that use graphics) IIRC, it is compilied under
> 32-bit protected mode.

Sure they suck, on that mangy 486...


Most graphics problems under Windows Xp and 2000 can
ultimately be traced to poorly-written video card
drivers... the NVidia and TNT, Voodoo, Banshee, and
other 3D-focused cards are the worst. The developers
put all their time into the 3D code, leaving the 2D
code working like crap.

YMMV, etc...

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