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From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Wed Jan 16 18:59:36 2002

On Jan 16, 21:12, Tony Duell wrote:

> > Towers is excellent, and I'd not be without my well-thumbed copy. I
> Agreed. I also have the FET/MOSpower (==MOSFET) one, and the
> op-amps/comparators one. All are very useful. I once saw the
> microprocessor Towers book, but I didn't think that was very useful -- it
> didn't give pinouts for the devices, for example.

I only have the transistors and the micros ones. I do find the latter
quite useful, as I can often look up the pinouts somewhere else, or
sometimes I just want to know what type of device some chip is.

> Where do you get them from, and how do you order them (given that the
> titles are in Japanese)?

They were either 99p or 199p each from CPC. IIRC they were on one of their
special offer sheets that they send out to account customers every weekend,
about 18 monthsor a couple of years ago. Probably a one-off special as I
don't see them in the catalogue :-(

The transistor one is about 5/8" thick, 8.3" wide x 5.8" high, and it says
"'97 The Transistor Manual" on the front in Eglish, and something in
Japanese underneath. On the back it has two barcodes (one EAN, the other
JAN?) 978478983614 and 1923055013001, and "ISBN 4-7898-4361-0 C3055
 Y1300E" (the 'Y' is actually a Yen symbol, but in deference to the
ISO-8859-impaired I've approximated :-))

The other two are obviously part of the same set.

> I tend to wait for a new one to come out and then hunt around for a
> bookshop selling off the old ones at a much-reduced price. OK, so I'm a
> little out of date, but that's not too much of a problem most of the time
> (after all, much of the stuff I work on is out of date too).

York isn't blessed with many of the right sort of bookshop, but that seems
like a good way to get them. Mine are pretty old, around 1980.

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