More DELLness & TRON! :D

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Wed Jan 16 09:46:56 2002

> On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Brian Chase wrote:
> > I'm the person that started the thread in alt.sys.pdp10. I'm still
> > looking and have one unexplored lead at this point. In the process of
> > searching for the whereabouts (or demise) of the Foonly F1, I've
> > exchanged e-mail with a lot of interesting folks from that era of
> > computer generated visual effects.

There was a Foonly F1 at Symbolics Inc in Cambridge MA years back around 1984.

It had been de-activated, and someone who worked at Symbolics took me in to
see the thing, as they were thinking of selling it at the time.

I beleive some other people who worked there got the thing, and took it home.
Its probably still sitting somewhere.
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