TU-58 dumps (was Re: VAX 11/730 Problem)

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Jan 16 10:53:00 2002

--- Michael Schneider <ms_at_silke.rt.schwaben.de> wrote:
> See below...

> > Do you have access to another VAX? I used to cut console tapes all the
> > time for our 11/730 (k-panda when it was in the UUCP maps) - I still
> > have it (and the tapes).
> Yes, but only newer ones, nothing with a tu58.

OK... if you had a newer VAX with the right version on it, you could,
theoretically, get the files you need from that new VAX and run a
serial line to that emulator PC (at a slower baud rate, probably) and
"write" the emulated tape image to your emulator box from the working
VAX, then move the cable, up the speed to 38400, and have the 11/730
feed off of that. The rub is that I don't recall how much of the console
data files are available in the regular SYS$SYSTEM directory structure
and how many I may or may not have pulled from a working tape. The
boot files are just text, short and easy to recreate, even with EDT.
The binary files are the problem.

The reason for using the other VAX is to use it to easily create the
filesystem on the emulated tape. If you had a way to read the tape
that you do have, you could just put the image on the PC, run the
TU-58 emulator and go.
> > The tape from DEC was sub-optimized...
> Oh, yes, the original tape is just bloated. But under 3 Minutes? That
> sounds impressing.

It's not so much bloated as poorly sorted. An optimized tape has the heads
right over the next block to be read, so there's no end-to-end seeking
to find the next file - it's *right there*

> > Did you ever get a tape for your machine...
> No, no tapes up to now.


> My console tape reads:
> BE-T173I-ME
> TU58:34 VAX 11725/739 CONSOLE
> (c) 1982,84

OK. Sounds standard.
> an was cut Jun21/84.

Somewhat old - probably the very original tape that shipped with
the CPU.
> Unfortunately i do not know the exact VMS version installed on my
> machine, because the only time got it booting i was so exited that
> i spoiled my notes. Very un-scientific, i know.

Ah, well.

> But i think it is VMS 3.2, IIRC. Or 3.6, that's the label on my
> "standalon backup"-tape.

Hmm... my memory of those days is hazy... I played with 3.6, but that
was as a novice user on an 11/750. We did get an early model 11/730
(order the week they were announced) - that's the one I have in storage.
By the time I touched it, it was running VMS 4.x. I installed Ultrix 1.1
on it at one point (and hooked it to Usenet before the Great Renaming,
but that's another story), and it spent its last years as a linker box
for our product, running 5.x (we fed the objects and asm source to it
via 56K DECnet link, let it chew on the files, then transferred the
binaries back to our VMS 4.6 general-use 11/750 and put them in the tape
build area for making distribution tapes)

I think all I am going to have for it is VMS 4.x and VMS 5.x console
media. I am fairly certain I had my customized tape for booting VMS 4.4
in my hands on Sunday. I know exactly where it is. If that will work
for you, I may be able to help. I honestly do not recall how sensitive
the machine is to console tape version vs VMS version mismatch. I know
we didn't have to change the tapes on minor revs, but I do not recall
if we were forced to change for major revs.


> >
> > If you ever did get things running, I know it's possible to build new
> > tapes from a running machine. I'd have to find my program on a backup
> > tape; I know I don't have it handy, and that 11/730 is in storage.
> Hmm, yes, i think i even have some documentation about this. I'll have
> to look.
> >
> > -ethan
> >
> Again: Any help would be more than appreciated!
> And, tell me what i can do for you!
> cheers
> ms
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