IBM R390 IPL woes...

From: Colin Eby <>
Date: Wed Jan 16 13:02:56 2002

--- Norm Aleks <> wrote:
> Hi, Colin. I'm trying to get a more-current MVS to
> experiment with on
> Hercules. Is that what you found, or was it just
> the AIX? Was it on

Norm --

You're right about the site. It's
The site covers all the multi-platform systems, and
not just the AIX variant. And what I was after were
the "support files". In other words the IO channel
drivers. IBM doesn't publish iso's for the Application
Development MVS there. And I'm guessing mine is as old
as yours -- Jan 1997. For me, as a mainframe newbie
crossing over from open systems, the version's
irrelevant. But good luck locating images.

Colin Eby
Senior Consultant
CSC Consulting

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